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Social and Ethics Committee 


Vusumzi Pikoli (chairman), Mzuvukile Maqetuka, Ignatius Sehoole and Titilola Akinleye

Roles and Responsibilities

The Social, Ethics and Risk Committee is responsible for:

1. Social and economic development, including the Group’s standing in terms of the goals and purposes of:

1.1 the ten principles set out in the United Nations Global Compact Principles;

1.2 the OECD recommendations regarding corruption;

1.3 the Employment Equity Act; and

1.4 the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act.

2. Good corporate citizenship, including the Group’s:

2.1 promotion of equity and the prevention unfair discrimination and corruption;

2.2 contribution to development of the communities in which the Group’s activities are predominantly conducted or within which its products or services are predominantly marketed; and

2.3 record of sponsorship, donations and charitable giving.

3. The environment, health and public safety, including:

3.1 the impact of the Group’s activities and its products or services;

3.2 consumer relationships, including the Group’s advertising, public relations and compliance with consumer protection laws; and

3.3 labour and employment, including:

3.3.1 the Group’s standing in terms of the International Labour Organisation’s Protocol on decent work and working conditions; and

3.3.2 the Group’s employment relationships, and its contribution towards the educational development of its employees.

4. Managing of risk factors within the Group, including:

4.1 monitoring implementation of the policy and plan for risk management (social and ethics risks);

4.2 overseeing that the risk management plan is widely disseminated throughout the Group and integrated into its day-to-day activities;

4.3 ensuring that risk management is performed on a continuous basis;

4.4 ensuring that management considers and implements appropriate risk responses;

4.5 liaising closely with the Audit Committee to exchange information relevant to risk; and

4.6 expressing the Committee’s formal opinion to the Board on the effectiveness of the system and process of risk management.